Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic software developer with a focus on making things happen.

I had my first contact with a computer somewhere around the age of 2. It was a HC 2000, identical to the one in the picture below:

It was inspired by the famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum

I began tinkering with computers after the age of 10 and finally started programming in Just Basic and Pascal at the age of 15. I started working as a web development freelancer in high school. After the first year of university, I enrolled for an internship in automotive industry. After 2 years in embedded systems, I made a radical turn to Online Security. This is when I discovered the world of cloud computing.

Today, my main focus is on cloud technologies, distributed systems, scalability and high performance websites.

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Contact Me:

Ionut Cenac

Software Development Engineer

I am an enthusiastic software developer. My focus is on making things happen.

Contact Me:

Ionut Dogaru

Software Developer

I like to understand things. I always rationalize an affirmation before I take it in consideration.


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