Amazon (2016-now)

  • Part of the team responsible for measuring the client-side latency and user behavior on web, mobile web and mobile applications.
  • Deployed code on all locales of the Amazon websites, mobile websites, and mobile applications. The code is also used on IMDB, Audible and others.
  • Processing billions of hits every month.
  • Technologies:

    • Legacy JavaScript
    • Java
    • Hadoop
    • Map-Reduce
    • AWS
    • Objective C
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Keywords:

    • E Commerce
    • Cloud Computing
    • Latency
    • Metrics
    • Analytics
    • High Performance
    • Big Data
    • Mobile Technologies
    • Scalability

Bitdefender (2014-2016)

  • Worked inside the team responsible for the award winning anti-phishing engine. The team is also responsible for the parental-control and anti-fraud products.
  • Worked on a distributed system capable of crunching TBs of information. The system is responsible for storing and processing all the information inside Bitdefender. The idea was to improve the overall detection of their security product by correlating information across teams and products.
  • Got experience in cloud computing and data mining.
  • Technologies:

    • ElasticSearch
    • MongoDb
    • Node.js
    • AngularJS
    • AWS
    • RabbitMQ
    • Docker
  • Keywords:

    • Security
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Mining
    • Distributed Systems
    • Artificial Inteligence
    • High Performance
    • Web Technologies

Continental Automotive (2012-2014)

  • Implemented a DCDC-Converter using dsPIC as a platform.
  • Developed a tool for the analysis of the returned Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which is now used in the Budapest plant. This project also won an internal prize for innovation.
  • Researched topics related to the new AUTOSAR standard. Specifically, I was taking some commonly used architectures and trying to implement them in a AUTOSAR compliant way.
  • I worked on a diagnosis tool for an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) over the LIN communication protocol. My job consisted of developing a graphical user interface capable of monitoring and controlling the internal registers of the ASIC using a microcontroller as a gateway.
  • Developed a LAN license scanner tool. This tool is used by the local support team.
  • Implemented a photo voting interface for the intranet. This is now used for internal photo contests.
  • Developed several other scripts and tools for importing, exporting and conversion of data between different internally used formats.
  • Technologies:

    • Embedded C
    • Microcontrollers
    • FPGA
    • LIN
    • CAN
    • ASM
    • Python
    • C#
    • Visual Basic.NET
    • Perl
    • DXL
    • VBA
  • Keywords:

    • Automotive
    • Embedded Systems
    • Low Level
    • Drivers
    • Communication Stack
    • Protocols
    • Assembly
    • Scripting
    • Automation

Freelancing (2011-now)

  • Together with two colleagues, we developed a job platform. It had the means for publishing open job positions, applying for a job with an existing CV, online creation of CVs and many other functions.

As a student (2011-2016)

  • Together with 3 colleagues and under the mentorship of a faculty professor, we developed an eye tracking system, with an entire infrastructure around it, capable of helping paralysed people use the internet and communicate. This was our project for the 2014 edition of Imagine Cup.
  • Together with two colleagues, we developed a fast graph plotter capable of drawing millions of points in a matter of a few seconds. Important to mention is that we try to cover all the application life cycle management stages in our projects including requirements gathering and management, architecture and design, coding, quality assurance by unitary testing and manual testing and finally release management. This way, at the end, we have documents covering everything and a clear traceability on the timeline. This project got us the first place at CENIT Academic Trophy.

Personal Projects (2007-now)

  • Working on a distributed job scheduler for cloud computing.
  • Doing research in object recognition and computer vision.
  • Doing research in the field of gamification and home automation
  • A small DirectX game similar to Ricochet, together with a level editor for it. This was the project I presented in my last year of high school.
  • A trainer for Fifa 2008 capable of adding goals to any of the two sides.
  • An interpreter for the esoteric language Brainfuck with some personal additions to the language syntax.
  • Line follower robot, light dimmer over internet, temperature sensor network, AI for tic-tac-toe, linux network of virtual machines and many others.


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